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Limitless Her started with a vision to create a movement of empowered women who are thriving in their personal and professional lives, owning their unique talents and ambitions, fully confident in their worth to be successful, free and loved. Limitless Women are go-getters, we communicate with authority and pave the way for future female business leaders. We show-up.

Led by visionary business women Tiffany Dhani and Chantelle Lewis, we understand the challenges and obstacles that women face today in their careers and the impact that past experiences can have on their confidence and well-being.


Meet Your Coaches

Meet Tiffany Dhani, a passionate and dynamic transformational coach and founder of Be Limitless Her. Her expertise lies in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Gestalt therapy, which she uses to help women break free from limitations and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

“As a former corporate executive, I know all too well the struggles of balancing a demanding career with personal aspirations including relationships. I have experienced firsthand the burnout and stress that can come with trying to do it all. But I refused to let these challenges hold me back.”

Through her own self-discovery and the use of powerful subconscious coaching techniques, Tiffany was able to make a profound shift in her life. She went from feeling overworked and unfulfilled to living a life of purpose and passion as a successful Entrepreneur and Coach

But her transformation didn't stop there. Tiffany also overcame toxic relationships and past traumas, achieving greater emotional well-being and thriving relationships. And she even shed over 3 stone in weight, a physical transformation that mirrored the incredible inner changes she had made.

Using her experiences, Tiffany has developed coaching programmes that resonate deeply with women. Through her coaching, she helps women overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals, both in their personal and professional lives. Tiffany's passion for helping women to be their best selves is evident in every aspect of her work.

Tiffany's approach is not just about achieving external success, but also about achieving internal peace and happiness. She understands that true success comes from a place of inner fulfillment and joy. With her expertise in NLP and Gestalt therapy, Tiffany helps women tap into their inner power and achieve a limitless mindset.

Chantelle is a natural-born public speaker who empowers women to unlock their power. She started developing her speaking skills through telemarketing roles as a teenager, then started her own B2B telemarketing business at 19.

Chantelle gained experience in carbon trading, renewable energy, commercial property, and media. In 2015, Chantelle started delivering self-confidence, empowerment, and career workshops to children and young people. She motivates staff to reach their sales targets and believe in their abilities.

Chantelle has over 13 years of event management experience, having organized events forn clients such as DKMS & Sports Trader and venues such as London's O2 Arena. In 2022, Chantelle co-founded Mango Studios LDN, which uses augmented and virtual reality to deliver immersive training and projects.

On a personal level, Chantelle spent five years healing past traumas, repairing relationships, and raising her consciousness through a self-made mindfulness campaign. She changed her lifestyle, resulting in physical, mental, emotional, and financial improvements such as a 4-stone weight loss in six months.

Chantelle uses active listening skills to help people change their lives for the better. She aims to have a tangible positive impact and help people find their joy in life again.


Breaking Barriers Together

Limitless Her: is designed for female leaders to conquer limiting beliefs, unlock the secrets of peak performance and find their true voice.

At Limitless Her, our mission is to help women break free from limiting beliefs, unlock the secrets of peak performance and find their true voice. We believe that every woman has the power to create the life and career or business she desires (even when she feels like it might be impossible) and we provide the tools, resources, and support to help make that a reality in unique and deeply transformational ways.

We offer a range of services, including coaching, mentorship, and networking opportunities, and our signature programme Be Limitless Her applying methodology from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Gestalt therapy to help women develop the skills, deep confidence, and connections needed to succeed in their careers and develop their authority. Our community is a safe space where women can share their experiences, find support, and connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey.

At Limitless Her, we are committed to creating a world where women can own their power and uncover the full spectrum of who they are and that they CAN BE so that they can Be Limitless.